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#Get Balsall Heath Reading shortlisted for Nursery World Award 2017!

Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 by Ryan Twyman


#Get Balsall Heath Reading shortlisted for Nursery World Award 2017


The prestigious Nursery World Awards are for everyone involved in early year’s education. They recognise and celebrate best practice, with the winners chosen by a prominent panel of expert judges to be announced in September 2017.

We shared how:

#Get Balsall Heath Reading uses Family Learning to change lives. We emphasised how the absence of family learning is a huge barrier to achievement and contributes to the persistent gap in the attainment of children from poorer backgrounds compared to their more privileged peers.

#Get Balsall Heath Reading aims to help parents engage with their child rather than just being involved.

#Get Balsall Heath Reading provides parents with the skills, knowledge and confidence to support their child’s learning, reading and development as well as creating a culture of aspiration in every family.

#Get Balsall Heath Reading improves the life chances and outcomes for parent, child and family.

Put simply, when parents are learning, there is a positive impact on the child’s learning and their community.

We hope the judges will applaud our work loudly too!

To view the shortlist for the awards, please click the link shortlist to be directed to the Nursery World Awards website.

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