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International Womens Day 2011
Including Women! are a network organisation actively involved in seeking to influence Local Authority policy and practice about issues which are important to local women and their families.

Working closely with other voluntary and community organisations we work to deliver awareness raising events that will promote well being for the local women, their children and the community in general. We currently produce 5 ‘Womenzone’ magazines annually. Women who live or work in the local communities write the articles in each edition. The magazine also helps to spread information about current community events, local groups and their activities.

Encouraging women to be involved in local Forums, Ward and Constituency Committees is a third strand of activity. Including Women! has also been the catalyst in the development of a Domestic Violence forum which has been established since late 2006 and has over 15 different community, voluntary and statutory bodies working together to devise a framework to influence policy, establish current provision and identify gaps.

One campaign which Including Women! has supported for several years aims to improve midwifery services. We had a midwifery worker who works with the local women, consulting with them about relating to with their pregnancy

Including Women! will attend open days such as carnivals, local events and consultations to promote their work.

If you would like any further information please contact our Assistant Development Officer

Hafizun Nessa
0121 464 8742

Including Women! are a Charity (No. 1109317) & Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 4860499).

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