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Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2012 by Farah Naz

BabyMattersfrontBaby Matters is a group for parents/carers and their babies from birth to 1 year old. The idea behind the group is to help empower the parent/carer to inspire the child and have a positive start to life.
The outcome that we work towards are practical and relate to knowledge and skills that will enable parents in the area to become more confident.
The group is a weekly session which begins with a healthy lunch followed by a session for parents and their babies up to 1 yr old.
The group is designed to support you throughout the first year of your baby’s life. Sessions include health and child development and related topics to meet the needs of the parent/carer allowing them to take away information and incorporate into their daily life.

For more information please ring 0121 464 6349 or click here


School Reception : 0121 464 4376 Children's Centre : 0121 464 6349 After School Club : 0121 464 1888
St. Barnabas Nursery : 0121 675 3467
St. Paul's Nursery : 0121 464 1886
Chatterboxes Pre-Sch : 0121 675 3468

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