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Buggy Fit

Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017 by Farah Naz


Healthy life – healthy mind
- Get fit and meet other mothers
- Motivate each other 
- Be fit for a better healthy and fun life

When: Every Monday (term time only)
Where: Balsall Heath Children’s Centre, 10 Malvern Street, Balsall Heath, B12 8NN

We will meet at 9.30am at the Children’s Centre and walk around the local area and park with a session finish time of 11.30am.
Comfortable clothes and sensible footwear needed!
Join us afterwards for light lunch and a chat over a cuppa.

For more information, please contact Rukhsana on 0121 464 6349

Comments from parents…

“Walking with everyone was very good experience, enjoyable, stress free, self-confidence and nice light lunch”
“We enjoyed the walk together and the fresh air”
“Before I attended the buggy fit I felt tired and lethargic. After doing buggy fit I feel better, energized and happy”
“Before I started buggy fit my knees used to hurt a lot but now I feel much fitter”
“At first I was feeling unsure about buggy fit also not sure if I was fit enough; alongside with feeling a little stressed. Now after class I know I can bring my child and have found out about other fitness services in the area. In addition, I feel better and more motivated for attending. See you all next week, thank you.”
“I enjoyed walking with my friends and I feel more relaxed”
“The walking group supports one-another and connects”
“It was really good experience, it helped me to gain self-confidence and light / healthy lunch was nice”
“We enjoyed the session together and we supported one another. Stress free”
“I always enjoy walking with my friends”
“I made new friends and enjoyed the walking and talking with the group. I am looking forward to next week’s session”



School Reception : 0121 464 4376 Children's Centre : 0121 464 6349 After School Club : 0121 464 1888
St. Barnabas Nursery : 0121 675 3467
St. Paul's Nursery : 0121 464 1886
Chatterboxes Pre-Sch : 0121 675 3468

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