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On a cold and wet Wednesday afternoon, during half term, we were delighted to help Smartlyte Ltd with their event at the Balsall Heath Library.

Amsty Meets Mr Loan Shark - Image 3

Smartlyte’s, ‘Families Learning Together’ workshop, helped families to raise awareness of  the dangers of  online illegal money lending and loan sharks.  Families heard the story of how Amsty;  an old computer who lives in the Library, scared away Mr Loan Shark with the help of his friend Mrs Anti.

Following this, families modelled Superheroes and made cartoon clips, using animation software.

Amsty Meets Mr Loan Shark - Image 6

We were delighted to help 35 local families and over 90 parents and children learn about an important issue and a new skill together.

Be sure you check out our animation film at:




Hafsha Shaikh, June 2019

More images from the session (Click on image to view full size)

Amsty Meets Mr Loan Shark - Image 1 Amsty Meets Mr Loan Shark - Image 2

Amsty Meets Mr Loan Shark - Image 5

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