Our curriculum at St Paul’s Primary School, has moved away from subject and skills based learning to a more approachable bespoke individual curriculum, which is specifically designed and set out with each child’s needs and requirements in mind. 

Our curriculum captures the imagination and engagement of our pupils, to enable each and every pupil to feel like they can express themselves without any judgment. We have developed an alternative curriculum, which is tailored for each child to give them a sense of belonging.

Our child friendly curriculum has 6 core strands, this is to ensure progression throughout each lesson and to encourage engagement with each child.

The core strands include:

  1. Literacy Development
  2. Physical, Motor and sensory development
  3. Numeracy Development
  4. Personal, social and Emotional Development
  5. Knowledge and understanding,
  6. Creative development including communication and ICT.

Each core strand links nicely together, to ensure every pupil is continuously learning throughout the school day, whilst feeling safe and having fun.