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St Paul’s school is under new management. A new Head of School arrived in September 2016 We started the year with low student numbers, high staff turnover and a lack of investment in equipment in the school to enable students to learn creatively.

With Trustee backing, we have invested in the teaching staff team, increased student numbers, have developed a more creative curriculum and have positive plans to move towards a more vocationally focused curriculum from September.

In addition, we will install new gates, and enhance the CCTV, and we have secured funding for a sensory/chill out room for students. A school uniform will also be introduced from September.

The inspector spent three days talking to staff, students, observing lessons , meeting myself, and Trustees, and having extensive discussions with Kerenza and Fiona as head & deputy of the school. The inspector was impressed with our self-awareness of the tasks still to be undertaken and our direction of travel he viewed as positive.

“The new head teacher has brought about substantial improvement, since her appointment. There is a clear sense of direction and the school is improving well. Improvements in teaching and pupils’ behaviour are gaining momentum”

The rating for the school remained as requiring improvement with a reinspection within 18 months which we welcome.

Chief Executive David Cusack said:

“Given more time I am convinced the rating could have been improved; however, what we take from this inspection is that we are making significant improvements to learning, our direction of travel is right and with strong and clear leadership the school will get a good rating next time around.”

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St. Paul's School Ofsted Report 2017

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