St. Paul’s Nursery welcomed Ofsted in July of 2017 and maintained their previous GOOD rating.

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Nursery staff demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to ensuring the highest standards’ of care & support for children attending our Malvern Street Nursery.

Some of the things the inspector said were;

  • The nursery is situated alongside their community farm. Children benefit greatly from this as staff provide stimulating learning opportunities based on children’s first-hand experience of the farm’s animals.

  • Staff are warm and caring towards the children and place high emphasis on children’s emotional well-being. Children benefit from good-quality care and attention. This contributes well to children’s high levels of self-esteem and confidence.

  • Staff prioritise supporting children’s good health. Children learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They have many opportunities to be physically active outside.

  • Children are settled and have a strong sense of belonging. They behave well and staff are warm and caring. Children respond well to the clear boundaries set by staff and are kind and respectful towards each other.

  • Staff work closely with parents and relevant professionals to meed all children’s needs

St. Paul’s Trust Chief Executive Dave Cusack said:

“Our staff at Malvern Street have demonstrated over the years our passion for ensuring children are school ready. Play, learn and behaviour are crucial to a child’s positive development, our approach focuses on this, this inspection supports our positive approach”


Ofsted Good Logo
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Malvern Street Latest Ofsted Report

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